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The SPA was founded by Mickey Walker in 1991. It is now two regions strong and has members all across the United States. The founding and guiding principles of the SPA remain unchanged from Mickey’s original vision: simple and inexpensive vintage pattern planes with the emphasis on fellowship, camaraderie and fun.

SPA legal planes are model airplanes designed prior to 1976, powered by a maximum of a .65 two stroke glow fuel engine, a .91 gasoline engine, a .95 four stroke glow fuel engine or electric motors with specific restrictions. More in depth descriptions are available in the Competitors Guide. The use of tuned pipes and retractable landing gear is prohibited, limiting the complication and cost of the aircraft. An SPA-legal airplane is no more expensive than the average airplane on the flight line at your local field. The simplicity and low cost of early Vintage models, in terms of materials and equipment, means that a level playing field is deliberately established, making practice and skill the primary difference between competitors.

The atmosphere of family-friendly fun, encouragement, laughter and great flying is an experience that will leave you hooked and very possibly turn you into a really good pilot! Welcome to vintage pattern flying, SPA style! Great fellowship and competition combined with affordable, uncomplicated, classic airplanes is a recipe for unmatched fun and enjoyment!

Enjoy browsing the rest of our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the SPA. We've provide a link at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

We look forward to having you join us!


The 2016 Senior Pattern Association
Year in Review

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KCRC - CD Phil Spelt
KCRC - Mama Jane Underwood calls for Bruce
KCRC - Painter's dropcloth used for rain protection
KCRC - Newlyweds Jimmy and Shannon Russell
KCRC - The ladies accompaning their pilots
KCRC - Moment of silence for the late Dennis Hunt
KCRC - Scott Sappington and Beth Carver
25th Anniversary - Ann and Charlie Johns
25th Anniversary - Technical discussion a.k.a. Bull Session
25th Anniversary - Dan Toombs preparing his Intruder
25th Anniversary - CD Scott Anderson with the hardware and goodies
25th Anniversary - HQ is where the bookkeeping takes place
25th Anniversary - Jim Johns attempting to impress the judges
25th Anniversary - The wives and significant others at Chattanooga
25th Anniversary - Neal Robinson starting his Kaos
25th Anniversary - Shannon and Jimmy Russell
25th Anniversary - Dennis and Mike Sams
Cullman - Welcome to Cullman
Cullman - Charlie Johns and Keith Watson
Cullman - Dan Dougherty's Daddy Rabbit
Cullman - Jamie Strong's buddy Dixie Dog
Cullman - Keith Watson explains 45 degrees to Jerry Black and Bill Collins
Cullman - Jamie's nephew Jim Strong competed in his first contest
Cullman - Jim checking his fuel tank following a flame out
Cullman - Lavelle and Jackie Edwards
Cullman - Scott Sappington's Daddy Rabbit
Cullman - Steve Byrum's Sequel was for sale
Cullman - Bowling Green, Kentucky's Steve Drake
Cullman - Pilot in Steve Drake's Intruder
Roberta - Welcome to CMJ Hobbies
Roberta - Bruce says that makes 4 this year!
Roberta - Another technical discussion
Roberta - CMJ owner Chuck Walker and CD Dan Dougherty
Roberta - Dave and Peggy Phillips drove over for the day.
Roberta - Looking North from the center of the field.
Roberta - Looking South from the center of the field.
Roberta - We even had some Liquid Sunshine.
Roberta - Inside CMJ Hobbies - Need some covering material?
Roberta - Inside CMJ Hobbies - Maybe some balsa?
Roberta - Inside CMJ Hobbies - or even a humongous P-51
Roberta - John Wolfe joined us for the first time in several years
Roberta - Bobbie Johns calling for hubby Jim for 1st time in 35 years
Roberta - Greg Hoke with wives and significant others
Alabaster - The competitors at the SPA Masters
Alabaster - Newcomers Anthony Blair, Jimmy Strong and David Johnson
Alabaster - The lovely ladies attending the Masters
Alabaster - Charlie Johns and Compensator
Alabaster - David Johnson Won the Novice Points Championship
Alabaster - Jeff Owens and Jerry Black show off the Memorial Trophy before the flyoff
Alabaster - Jim Strong made a great showing in Novice this year
Alabaster - Jeff Owens and Lori Bush
Alabaster - Jose (Joe) and Marie Grant
Alabaster - Keith Watson and Bill Collins
Alabaster - Scott Sappington and Beth Carver
The 2016 SPA West Open Competitors
West Open - Photographer Keith Knotts
West Open - CD Ken Knotts, Line Boss Dave Dingman and Asst. CD Gary Alphin
West Open - Pits looking North with Benbrook Lake in the background
West Open - Pits looking south
West Open - Old Glory was blowing in the wind
West Open - Pat Ensign's Curare
West Open - Jim Johns' Skinny Rabbit
West Open - Bob Redmon's e-Bootlegger
West Open - Dirty Birdy ARFs were plentiful
West Open - Tower Kaos ARF and Super Kaos by Frank Cox

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