2021 Wichita Falls SPA West Contest
September 11, 2021

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The Pilots
L-R: Wes Lewis, Todd Blose, Chcuk Lee, Max Blose, Alan Schreiber, Gary Alphin, Danny Jackson, Pat Ensign & Nathan Haycock

Wichita Falls R/C Club 2021 SPA West Contest Recap
September 11, 2021

Wichita Falls, Texas, was the site of a great day of contest flying for nine pilots in the SPA West. The weather was warm with light winds up to only 18mph, and clear but hazy skies from the California brush smoke. Club Wichita Falls R/C Club President Tony Breyen and Pat Ensign split CD duties with Tony managing the event logistics and Pat handling the flight orders and judging. Leslie Ensign managed the scorekeeping while Dusty Bayley put his keen eye to work with photography.

Though the contest was small, the pilots put on quite a show for spectators at the city park throughout the four rounds. It was great to see four pilots drive in from Waco to round out the slate of fliers. Club support was outstanding with many volunteers helping out to ensure a smooth event.

Competition was typically tight in Expert and Advanced with one pilot each in Sr. Expert (Danny Jackson), Basic (Allen Schreiber), and Sportsman (Nathan Haycock). Todd beat Pat in Expert and Advanced went to Wes Lewis followed by Gary, Max, and Chuck.

Thanks to the Wichita Falls club and all their help for putting on the contest and serving a great burger lunch. It’s always a fun time to fly at WFR/CC and experience their brand of hospitality. Looking forward to next year’s contest already.

Pat Ensign, Co-CD

Final Scores
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