2022 Georgetown AeroModelers SPA Contest
October 8
, 2022

Scores                                               Photos

The Pilots
L-R: Ken Knotts, CD Rene Grebe, Bob Petrinec, Keith Whitehead, Richard Isgrigg, Andrew Walker, Pat Ensign, Chuck Lee, Gary Kropat, Danny Jackson, Howard Moore (squatting), Wes Lewis, Bobby Zikes, Max Blose & Wayne Galligan

The weather forecast was for light winds and hot temperatures. Pat Ensign had asked me to be early at the field. Leslie Ensign loaned me the scoring computer, since she did not know if they were coming to the contest. I could not master the program and fortunately they came and she did the scoring. She was doing the paper work before 8 AM. The first 2 participants to show at the field were 2 first time flyers from San Antonio. The opportunity to fly what you have in Basic really helps to bring new blood to SPA.

We had 5 flyers in Basic, only Bob Petrinec flew a legal Kaos 60 electric. 1st place Howard Moore, flew his own design, small version of a Stick. We also had our local FPV flyer try his hand at the Basic SPA pattern. He did OK but needs help to do the maneuvers in the right place. We did not have enough judges to run 2 lines so it took all day to finish 4 rounds.

Everybody seems to enjoy the event and Pat Ensign walk away with the Dirty Birdi that was raffled thanks to Aerocomposite generosity.

Rene Grebe, CD

Final Scores
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